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In line with the requirements of the digital age we are in, we offer options to make your corporate reports accessible in all electronic media including computers, tablets and smartphones.

With USB sticks and DVDs that provide personalization by custom printing on them, you can ensure that your electronic documents reach a wider audience and you can make promotional product campaigns. 


With optimized mobile micro sites, we ensure that all your electronic documents can be downloaded quickly and easily accessible from tablet computers and smartphones.


What We Offer

Yes, printed reports will never go out of style! But the world is getting more and more "digital". In addition to the fact that corporate publications should always accessible and easily portable; their ability to be personalized, analyzed and presented in a structure that allows it to take notes elevates many companies and organizations to a prestigious position.


We reduce printing costs and increase the accessibility of your corporate publications by publishing all publications of your company such as annual reports, corporate magazines and bulletins in electronic form.



In the digital era; more donors, lenders and shareholders are engaging in internet and alongside with it, they are more interested in reaching investor relation tools online. Web-based or interactive annual reports offers attractive informative instruments that help build a stronger image of companies in the eyes of investors. Raise the bar by producing an interactive annual report with us and enjoy the benefits.



Electronic media is becoming the leading form in communication as smart cell phones and fast internet becomes widespread.  Video recordings, podcasts, multimedia presentations, slide presentations, DVD-ROMs, USB Cards are way more preferred nowadays thanks to its advantages like easy access, good to carry-with, light storage needs and many more.



E-books aren’t simply electronic versions of printed books. In addition to the fact that E-books can consist simply of the electronic text or they might become more interactive and engaging with extra functions such as audio, video or hyperlinks. You can contribute saving the planet by reducing print costs by producing your annual reports as E-books.



E-journal is the new way of contemporary internal communications. Instead of spending money on printing and distribution, reach your employees and dealers fast and effectively with an E-journal professionally and charmingly designed by Crosscom.



Stay up-to-date with your clients by sharing news, tips and important developments about your company or products. Keep your subscribers engaged and informed. Create compelling newsletters and email campaigns that have a very positive impact on your business with us.

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